Our coffee beans are SINGLE ORIGIN, the HIGHEST QUALITY/GRADE only, certified and non-certified ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLY and HIGH ALTITUDE GROWN. Some are SHADE GROWN, RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE certified, BIRD FRIENDLY and there's always the "feel good" stories to tell. :-)  
We roast each type of bean to the point that brings out the best characteristics and taste possible plus MICRO-ROAST our beans in six pound batches for more consistency. Most others roast one hundred pounds or more at a time. Yes it takes a bit longer for poor Dave but we think our top quality beans are worth it! In fact we pay attention to all the details. We also use the highest rated, triple barrier bags heat sealing them to protect the freshness until you cut it open.
We want you to realize our coffee is not artificially flavored! Coffee beans are a lot like wine. The soil, climate, growing season along with the type of roast imparts "flavors" to the beans. Also, like wine, you may or may not taste the nuances described yet simply know that you like it. 
*Note: Our selection of beans changes because sometimes they are in limited supply or unavailable. Some coffee beans aren't available because our broker only offers the highest grade and sometimes circumstances affect the quality of the crops. It gives us a chance to try new beans though!          
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