A bit like a Jamaican Jerk with a twist. OLR finely ground coffee, brown sugar, cocoa, along with our own special Jamaican Jerk type blend of exotic spices with a kick of hot pepper

~Use 1 Tb., or to taste, as dry rub, marinades or added to recipes. Along with using it for all types of meats, seafood and vegetables, we've used the Caribbean in chocolate baking recipes plus it's delicious in the pumpkin chili in the photo!


4 oz. volume
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Caribbean Dry Coffee Meat & Vegetable Rub

  • At our house, not all of the fresh roasted coffee goes into the pot for the morning buzz. Most people don’t know this, but coffee is a natural meat tenderizer. After mixing it with complementary spices it becomes one of the most unique and satisfying rubs you’ll ever try. We use one of our light roasted coffees so that it is fantastic on all types of meats, fish or seafood and even roasted vegetables!! Great for grilling!  No. it doesn't taste like you drowned your food in coffee. ;-) The coffee enhances the taste of the food itself giving it more depth. 

    You only need to add a Tsp. to Tb. or so, depending on your taste. Use it as a dry rub by spritzing oil on first; mix with beer or alcohol, juices or oils for a marinade; add to a Barbeque sauce or directly into burgers, stews or chili and don’t forget those potatoes and other vegetables! We've had customers tell us they even added it to their bread recipes too. The rubs are very versatile.

    Be creative and enjoy!!