Medium, City Roast - Medium level of Caffeine
Cupping Notes: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Raisin
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Guatemala: Carrizal ~1/2 lb

  • Continent:Central America
    Country: Guatemala
    Region: Oriente

    Varietal: Caturra
    Farm:  Variety
    Process: Washed
    Altitude: 1100-1300 Meters

    Grade: SHB
    Certification: Direct Trade, Shade Grown
    Cupping: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Raisin

    Roast: Medium City+ Roast, Medium Level of Caffeine

    Description:This coffee comes from the highlands of Guatemala in the Oriente Region. The region is known for its small coffee producers, who cultivated the coffee since the 1950s. Today, every farm on the mountain has become a coffee-producing unit and what was once one of the poorest and most isolated areas of Guatemala is vibrant and growing. Rainy and cloudy, Oriente is located on a former volcanic range. Its soil is made of metamorphic rock: balanced in minerals and quite different from soils in regions which have seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted. El Carrizal is grown in high elevations from 1100-1300 meters up with plenty of natural rainfall per year. The beans were hand-picked, shade-grown and double-sorted to ensure freshness and optimal quality.