Darkest Full City, French Roast- Least Caffeine
Cupping Notes: Dried Peach, Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg
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Sumatra: Arul Badak 1 lb.

  • Continent: Indonesia
    Country: Sumatra
    Region: Batal

    Varietal: Ateng, S288, S795, TimTim
    Farm: Various Smallholder Farmers
    Process: Wet Hulled
    Altitude: 1500 MASL

    Grade: 1
    Certification: Direct Trade, Triple Picked
    Cupping: Dried Peach, Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg

    Roast: Darkest, Full City, French Roast- Least Caffeine


    Description: Our broker is a big fan of Sumatran coffees. They bring in coffees from all over Sumatra year after year, but this is their first coffee from the Arul Badak region of Aceh. Processed traditionally as a wet-hulled coffee, means that this lot had the cherry skin removed and was sun-dried to 25-35% moisture content before hulling. During the hulling, the coffee’s parchment is removed from the seed, and then the lot finishes sun-drying. To quote out broker: “This lot is a shining example of the Sumatran cup profile, and then some. While hot the flavors are punchy with pops of fruit and earthy spices, and cools with that fruit coming out even more and the spiciness becoming almost like the spice of a Dr. Pepper™. Notes that we got across the board were Dried Peach, and fresh Raspberry, with sweetness of Brown Sugar and the spice of Nutmeg. We’re really happy to have come across this coffee, and we hope you get a chance to enjoy it before we drink it all.”